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Thread: New "Ultimate" Front End Being Developed: Looking For User Input

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    voted for windows...but would have voted for cross platform

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    If you omitted touchscreen support, it would fail hard.

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    I'm lost as to why that exact design cant be replicated by nearly ANY of the skinnable front ends out there? Aside from the navigation area which i'm assuming is still theoretical at this point. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Perhaps it could be. For some people it's more fun/appealing to write code than to write a skin.

    Which skins that use lists that scroll by dragging the list box content, so there's no need for scroll bars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by david69leonard View Post
    Road Runner IS the ultimate front end!!!! LMAO!
    +1 it is really starting to sound like you are trying to recreate rr...

    if you chose to program it expecting users to have certain equipment, it will hurt the overall development-- who is going to want to use something that they can't use until they have 'x' parts besides a computer? this is what makes rr so great-- i can expand it later, if i want-- i don't have to buy a bunch of stuff just to get it to work.

    to make it universal, you really need to start with what most users have(a computer and a touchscreen and/or keyboard and/or mouse), but allow for user modification to change parameters to allow for things like a powermate, or other devicces to control functions.

    i am not sure what you mean by including touchscreen support-- most t/s's emulate a mouse...

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    Ok, I'm gonna bite even though I really don't want to get into this. After reading and rereading all the post and a few of my own ideas on an "Ultimate" FE, I have a few thoughts.

    I believe we have grown as a community to a point where we are starting to **** in the wind when it comes to software. Some want to face north others want to face west and some have lost their compass and are going willy nilly all over the place. All of you have came up with wonderful points on a stable, functional UI but I feel that the point has gotten lost. As I have said in an other thread, "the perfect FE" is like looking for the fountain of youth not gonna happen. Someone is always gonna be a wet blanket and screw it up for the rest of us (I.E. Proabition).

    With all that nonsense written, and I have to go to lunch, I will leave you with this, If the ultimate FE was created it will formed out of many projects instead of one such as this (I.E. Manhatten Project). I would love to see parts of CF in RR and parts of RR in SD and vise versa. I feel it will only come about when we pick up our tools and work as one on one project collectively.

    On a side note Guino and Mitch and done and awesome job with RR (As well as all the other FE devs No Offence Guys) as far as calling it the Ultimate FE is streching. Granted alot use it but I have not heard a single person say it was a breeze to install the first time or the third or the fifth. Its justa PITA to get working right and if you dont have the specs its gonna be christmas...

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    I agree with soundman 100%

    I think the easiest way to find out what we want is to see what we don't have. U know all of us want our cake and we want to eat it too thats why we have computers in our cars. We want what RR, Centrafuse,etc... has plus what it doesn't. Maybe that is just my opinion.

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    You will never make everyone happy with the "perfect" frontend, because everyone is looking for something different. This is why I think the future of frontends is in the modular approach, where users and developers can choose to add or remove modules are they wish.
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    With Powermate:

    1. Glance at screen, see which button is highlighted
    2. Move hand from steering wheel to powermate
    3. Twist Powermate
    4. Glance at screen, confirm correct button is highlighted
    5. If correct button, press powermate; if not, go to 3.

    With touch screen:

    1. Take hand off steering wheel, move toward screen.
    2. Glance at hand and screen.
    3. Press button on screen.

    You can see why I'd rather navigate the UI with a touch screen with big buttons on it.

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