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Thread: Very sleek new frontend: Thepot Player

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maheriano View Post
    The website, not surprisingly, gives zero information on the product. They show a HTC Hero running Android but will it run on the phone? Does the phone simply interact with the software or run it? Is it open source? Which operating systems does it support?
    It works on my Windows7 very well and i think it can work on XP too. it is not open source.

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    It does work on XP SP3,but i can not embeed GMPC right (windows name GarminMobilePC) neither iGo_PC (iGo8),i guess it just simply plays on top of it.
    Do you know how to set it up?,if there were such a way for it.

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    I installed the demo on an XP machine, and I just get a splash screen that says Buy, Try, or Cancel... but the Try button is disabled. It's grayed out, clicking on it does nothing, etc. So, no demo for me.

    Kinda disappointing, because I'd buy it if the bluetooth phone integration worked well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emintolga View Post
    Did you try "Run as administrator" and "Compatibility mode"?
    Yes to both... I might play with it on another machine later to see if it works there.

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    Worked nice on a Kohjinsha SH8 tablet!
    The GUI is pretty slick when compared to RR or CF.

    The demo is limited in many ways. Bluetooth phone integration looks crippled (at least in demo). It keeps asking for Bluesoleil stack while I already have one installed.

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    May download and give it a try, nice find

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    This looks really slick. A RR skin looking the same would be perfect

    So if the trial works for 60 times, does that mean that using EWF and HORM would give you unlimited times?!

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    any one got some more info on this...?
    like how it works using etc...
    some experiences

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    I would like to hear if anyone has tried this as well. Including is the bluetooth works and if any of the accessories can be added like HD radio

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    i just tried the demo on my home pc and i say its pretty nice. i tried some mkv videos on it and they played with no issue. far as music goes it doesnt seem to have playlist support but hard to tell with the demo. i tried the user apps part and added a couple exe but it didnt work for me. maybe i was doing it wrong i am not sure. i dont have a nav program installed on my home pc so i couldnt try that part. nor could i try the bluetooth phone functions. ill throw it in my car tomorrow with my new build and see how it is in the car. also if the user app does work you technically can add programs to run overtop of the player so you wouldnt really need plugins.

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