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Thread: Android on X86 Hardware / Virtualbox

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    Android on X86 Hardware / Virtualbox


    First I don't really know where to post this. If I'm in the wrong place, then Mea Culpa.

    I've just started playing around with Android on my Intel-Atom based carputer, that's running Windows XP. Rather than blow away the hard drive or go multi-boot, I'm running Android FroYo under VirtualBox VM machine. Plenty of bugs and lack of usable drivers, but still interesting. I imagine drivers for standard GPS interfaces, etc will be coming out.

    Is anyone working on that?

    I'm using FroYo images and instructions found on:


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    I've been waiting to see this happen. When it gets drivers for gps, ability for sirius: I think i'll be onboard. I know my htc is good at managing my music, has google maps, and a bunch of other things that I find very useful at my finger tips. Can't wait to see this project explode in popularity!!!

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    It's be really cool, but it doesn't look like things like GPS are really high on their priority list. It would be really good if we could get someone from this community to help out with driver development, since a lot of our priorities are not even on the map for those guys.
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    I don't know yet about GPS - the Maps app is available and I have a GPS puck, but am yet to find if it will 'plug & play' or if some sort of a GPS interface needs to be created. You're right it would be great if folks in this community began working on this stuff. There is so much more intrinsic value in a dedicated mobile OS like Android.

    I believe there is a Sirius app that lets one log in and listen to web-streams on Android. But I can see the need for a radio interface / app for Android too - like GPS.

    I'm really into podcasts these days and love having dozens of updates load overbnight that I can listen to in the car. That's a great feature of Android and similar smartphone platforms, as are music players and audio books, etc. We're getting there. I will love (someday soon) dropping a tablet into a slot in my dashboard and being ready to plug & go!


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    What sort of effort would be needed to create a driver to enable the BU-353 GPS to work with a native or 3rd party android navigation app?

    Now same question for an XM module, AM/FM radio module..

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    Bu-353 Android x86

    have a look at this re:bu-353 :,

    bit over my head at the moment. but interesting

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    Would it not be an idea to try some Linux drivers? Android is Linux based so if you can get the source fore the driver surely you can compile it that way?

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