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Thread: AutoFi - Front end with GPS Speedometer!

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    Hi guys!

    I wrote this for my own personal use. After several friends grabbed a copy off me i thought i would share it with the CarPC world in case anyone finds it useful.

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    Main Features

    Large easy to use Media Player controls ideal for smaller touch screens and monitors.
    Clear uncluttered interface optimized for touch screens with a selection of colour themes.
    Separate day and night time themes selection with easy switching between the two.
    FILE based media design and not library based - Add and remove media easily, just copy it to your hard drive.

    Additional Features

    Car PC orientated 'Home' screen with date, time, media info and integrated GPS Speedo and Compass!
    Built in Onscreen Keyboard when AutoFi requires data input, when saving a Playlist for example.
    Analog (dial) and Digital Speed and Direction display. Speed display in Mph, K-Mph and Knots making it useful in any country or even on a boat!
    Track Info Screen (ID3v1 Tags) with Album / Track artwork.
    Run operating system commands and programs, restart and shut down PC from the System menu.


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    This looks interesting,

    I'll give it a go.


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