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Thread: My custom frontend

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    that looks awesome, I can host it if you want, I have true unlimited bandwidth too so thats not a problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomG
    that looks awesome, I can host it if you want, I have true unlimited bandwidth too so thats not a problem
    You must get some blazing speeds with unlimited bandwidth
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    I have been known to upload to it at 1.5Megabytes a sec

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    Sorry guys. I've been having car and computer issues for the last little bit. I lost my Version 7 files (i know, shoulda backed it up) but I do have ver. 6 that i'm relatively happy with, even tho it's still incomplete. Gimme a few weeks to get this computer and my car sorted out, and I'll spend a bit of time on it.

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    Definatly interested in getting this front end. Even with the Ponitac logo! Would that be a possibility? I had the same car youve got for a while, moved on after the clutch failed on me >.<

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    Looks Sweet

    If any version of this is available I would greatly appreciate a link. I have a Pontiac and would have to say that this is best looking one I have seen yet. Good job at the very least.
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    bump for a great looking frontend. Any new updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiazj1 View Post
    bump for a great looking frontend. Any new updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamikaze2112 View Post
    You can also set a VB6 app up for multiple threads i think, but i don't think it would make much difference on the Via boards....maybe the MicroATX crew/Laptop crew with processors capable of running multiple threads would benfit...i dunno tho. I'm not really up on the multi thread thing...
    Multithreading an app does not improve performance in single processor machines but improves responsiveness in general, I'll give you an example i use in my own frontent (written in VB6 too):

    In my program i do not use playlists, i play files by folders, like any hardware player, so, when playback finishes in one folder i need to search for the next folder with valid files.

    The main thread is the user interface and command executer, but some commands execute in another thread because they may take several seconds to complete, this is the case for search next folder command, it launches in a another thread and notifies the main thread with an event when it is finished, so it can load the new folder files.

    However, in visual basic 6, it is a bit tricky to get multithread to work, essentialy you have to create a separate active x exe project with submodel process set to "ONE SUBPROCESS BY OBJECT". In this project you can create your multithreaded objects, that you will be able to include in your visual basic project in the project references, once you have compiled the activex exe (something similar to creating activex ocx controls).

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    Hi... first of all good work, keep it up!!!

    If u're interested, am a VB6 programmer too, maybe we can work together to finish this project and make it available for the community!!!

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