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Thread: New open source front end

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    New open source front end

    Hi there

    I started to implement a new car pc frontend because I felt the others don't meet my requirements:

    • Integrate iTunes (through COM) so that I can playback my m4a files
    • Integrate external navigation application (Navigon NCK 5 in my case)
    • Simple interface
    • Playback controls (skip, play/pause etc.) always in the foreground
    • No unnecessary (IMHO) features such as picture viewer etc.

    The frontent is written in C#. Though it's quite specific to my needs I decided to release this under the GPL. If you'd like to help improving/enhancing things or if you just want to have a look at it, visit

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    If you want help on this let me know
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    I would be happy to see a decent frontend that works right with NCK5 (and has an OSK in the future). Cause NCK5+MP3 is mostly what it will be used for.

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