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Thread: My attempt, opinions please

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    My attempt, opinions please

    I've been using RR for a week now. Really nice piece of work, but my listening style did not match with the way RR handles the songs etc and it was not as responsive as i have wished for.

    I also don't need the other stuff at the moment.

    So I spent this weekend doing my own thing.

    Winamp in it's newest version is too slow imo, so i've used wmp 10.

    The response of the program is really snappy and ui is also fast. I have about 60000 songs in my playlist

    Total skinnability probably won't be available, but colour schemes and background and button pictures will become an option if someone wants to use this. But I do have a job and it will take a day or two to get to it. If i do it, i will probably put in the option to specify one colour scheme and pictures for the day and one for the night etc (you know what i mean).

    I will 1st focus on major bugs (1 or 2 i know of) then stuff will be added as i get the hardware and the need for it. Probably in this order - phone support, equilizer, voice recognition, tv tuner, gps, obd etc.

    steps to get it started
    put the file in your folder you want it to be
    open it
    click load files
    click add folder and add all the folders you want to add (this folders you add will be kept there) if it is tenths thousands of files you might experience a 10 second lag.
    click on the folder, the subdirectories will open underneath it an the files on the right

    then you click select all and enqueue or play selected. note select all is not necessary it will automatically select all if none selected. to multiple select a few of them you use ctrl key youll probably wont have keyboard.

    (You will also notice a search all folders button at the top. that will open a winamp jump to type box with on screen keyboard. if from the search all folders screen it will list all your songs and movies in all the folders and subfolders youve added. the you may filter out a select few by using the keyboard on screen or just click on one to add all to your playlist. it will start at the selected one.)

    now you after that first step you will be back at the main screen left to right top to bottom you have -
    Visualization or small movie screen (click once to either full screen or back
    to small)
    Playlist management buttons
    Load files
    Search - there you may go to a selected song, works the same as
    winamp's jump to.
    Filters for music only or videos only press the filter again to remove it
    Minimize button
    Close button
    Playlist and at its bottom the "Now playing" if applicable
    with the progress / track bar. song detail like artist and title are updated as
    you go (that information i'm working on to get it as elegantly and fast as
    possible, but it does have it's problems)
    Bottom left you have the previous / play pause and next buttons
    Underneath that you have the Mute/unmute and volume trackbar.
    Above the play pause etc button there is the time / date etc. that box will be the "info panel" where the summarized detail ie phone call or sms'es, obd alerts, weather and temp data will be shown.
    One click on it will bring up a more detailed and/or controls for that specific task. Ie. Clock and date will bring up calender with alarms to do's etc
    Phone will bring up the phone control stuff.

    Some of the hidden controls
    1 - Play is also pause, hold it down for a second and it becomes stop.
    2 - Next track if held down is fast forward and prev track = rewind
    3 - if you want to go to a certain position of the song or movie press the now playing at the bottom to where you want it to go

    Well writing this almost took longer than writing the whole application.

    Let me know if it is worth putting in the colour schemes etc.

    Thank you

    and the url =
    note - you need windows xp with themes enabled for it to look good

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    i loaded my music folder and select to play a file and i couldn't hear anything....don't know whats wrong

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    1st, can you see the file playing? It will look something like this,
    , the bottom "now playing" should be a good indication that it is playing
    if so the volume control i use on the bottom left is the wave output. check to see if the main volum control is loud enough. if it is not playing double click on a song and it should do something.
    If you have more trouble, ill look into it.

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    erm. If anybody is interested. Lots of stuff was added. ie. I use it at my work as well so a mini popup display (when minimised) was added, can be moved to any place on any screen and snaps to sides as well. Cleaned up the look quite a bit. Shortcut keys added
    Alt-Shft-X - Play/Pause
    Alt-Shft-Right - Next Track
    Alt-Shft-Left - Previous Track
    Alt-Shft-End - Stop
    Alt-Shft-Up - Volume Up
    Alt-Shft-Down - Volume Down
    Alt-Shft-J - Search (In search screen, up down and enter selects song)
    All Standard Media Keys on Keyboard works as well
    Mini Display can be controlled by mouse as well, Same workings as now playing bar. top 15 pixels acts as caption to move it around.

    You will not lose focus on current app when operating the mini display. When mouse is hovering over display a few extra controls become available.

    To activate display to see progress or name of song press either Alt-Shift or hover mouse over the Shell Tray area.

    Empty space filled up with info panel, which has a full screen and small model. The gps, obd, calender, equalizer and external programs will be here (70% complete).

    colour schemes and background picture was also added. To access hold down the minimise button. You will also notice a run application option there

    Incredible speed improvements was made.

    The visualisation/video screen has 3 modes. Small/Medium/Fullscreen
    Album art displays on now playing bar. Title scrolling (winamp style) as well.

    If properly closed, song will resume when started up.

    In the load files a Search Subfolders was added.

    Using main volume control now.

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    An excellent UI... much praise!

    Hi there, I stumbled across this forum and the front-end topics while I was looking for information on the Sonique Visualisation SDK believe it or not. I must say that I am very impressed with your beginnings of a front-end. It worked for me first time and I've been having a play around.

    Actually, I'm not that interested in working with car front-ends myself (I have the MMI interface in my Audi which does for me currently!), but your article really got me interested from a development perspective. You said you knocked the first attempt together in a weekend - I'm really impressed. I wonder if you could elaborate a little bit on what development environment and tools you are using. I was especially impressed with the look and feel of the UI - with what appears to be the alpha-blending and cool non-uniform shaped buttons. I have been developing my own music centre app. for some time now and I wanted to go down the sexier UI route - any hints and tips you could provide would be of great interest to me.

    HMusicCentre is for big plasmas, LCDs and projectors at parties really... here's a number of sample screenshots just to illustrate what I'm on about...

    Also, there is absolutely nothing to say that HMusicCentre could not become a car front-end in its own right. I'll have to do my research into what makes a car media front-end really workable I guess... HMusicCentre is only about music, video, lyrics, radio, biographies and visualisations right now... nothing like the weather or sat. nav. will ever be catered for... I doubt it anyway.

    I've also just downloaded RC2 of CentraFuse to have a look-see at what it's all about... amazing what you can find when you're not really looking for it.

    Once again - much praise from me for what you've achieved here - if you have any information on how you've gone about it, it would interest me lots.

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    Thank u for your nice words. I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with my ideas

    I actually know ur program quite well

    I actually have a lot of info on sonique visualisations etc. If still interested i can forward some code to you and links of where u can get a lot more info and a lot of visualisations. You will just need to do your own fft.

    Btw I do my stuff on delphi (This project in Delphi7, but we are on 2006 now) and use proprietary components (i modified a bit for the look) written by a colleague of mine, the author of So i am afraid i cannot release any code on that.

    At the moment i am taking an extended break from the project because i'm considering a rewrite (in directx) and i am too deep into WoW again.


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