that's a nice suggestion about the year, it hadn't occured to me to be as part of the metadata. I'll add it in to the TODO on velocity.

The biggest problem with metadata is getting it updated. 'cos lets face it, noone wants to siv through their entire colleciton, correcting the meta data. BUT... I think if whilst you're listening you correct it, then that's the way to eventually get to a stage where it's all nice and classified.

I also really really realy like the zoom to cover and select songs. (think out loud mode) to implement that, you'd either need each album cover to previously be regionalised and mapped to songs, or you'd need to automatically regionalised by some mechanism. OCR springs to mind but it's not a great option given the number of different fonts. So either some program to allow you to add regional info to album art, or a mechanism that overlays generated text on the album art (but how would that look when you have artworks on top of each other)...

hmmm... food for thought!