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Thread: MouseWheelInput question

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    MouseWheelInput question


    I downloaded MouseWheelInput Pro from and have been playing around with the configuration.

    One area I am stuck on is, I added the ↑ and ↓ characters to the MWI Letters field, to allow for up arrow and down arrow functionality. The arrows appear correctly in the OSK, but show up as square boxes in the MWI configuration page, and do not seem to work. I copied the characters from charmap, and pasted into the configuration page. Is this incorrect or are these characters not supported?



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    Solution - thanks Zorro


    Zorro was kind enough to give me the link to the latest version of the software. It is now working as expected. Also, instead of putting in the arrow characters, you need to put in /l/r/u/d in the Letters field, and the icons will appear in there.

    This is the best OSK software I have come across for my setup. MWI with iGkeys gives me all the functionality I am looking for to control iGuidance. Next step is to upgrade to a Griffin Powermate, then I'll be set :-)

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