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Thread: Alt-Tab program for the touchscreen

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    I should like to know also where i can download this program !

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    Help, i need this software !!!

    Can you please send this software to my e-mail ? I need this !!

    [email protected]

    Thanks a lot !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by xBrady View Post
    Version 2.2.2 - September 07, 2005

    A small transparent square/rectange/whatevershape that sits wherever you put it and performs differant actions.

    2.2.2 New Features:
    - Updated the Minimize Everything option to work better and also made it so the extra external .dll I was using isn't needed anymore. No more external dlls!

    2.2.1 New Features:
    - Added option to switch mouse buttons so when you touch your touch screen it will right click.
    - Fixed bug where you had to triple click instead of double click.

    2.2 New Features:
    - I rewrote just about everything. The setup should be a lot nicer and a lot easier to read. It is faster and smaller now.
    - Added Eject CD option

    2.1.3 New Features:
    -Allows you to assign keystrokes to the double/single clicks.
    How to assign keystrokes
    -Added option for quiting AltTabber. Look in setup to change this option.

    2.1.2 New Features:
    -Supports double or single paned windows

    2.1.1 New Features:
    - Specify background image and mouseover image (Just type in the name of the image including extension. Type in the path if it is not in the directory of the application. Make sure the image is the same size as the size you specified for the application or it will end up looking like crap)

    2.1 New Features:
    - Lock window dragging option

    2.0 New Features:
    - New setup file to make changing the settings ultra easy.
    - New two panel button so you can do 4 different tasks (left side single and double click/right side single and double click)
    - New tasks include: Alt-Tab, Minimize all, Open task manager, Open another program, do nothing

    Older Features:
    - Drag around the square to wherever you want. Saves this setting in the config file.
    - Set transparency level.
    - Set it to AltTab on single or double click
    - Set it to Minimize all programs (show desktop) with single or double click.

    ***Requires the .NET Framework 1.1
    ***If you want to open a seperate program type the full path in the input box.
    ***If you want this to start up when windows starts just put it in your startup folder.

    Please let me know of any bugs or problems you have with it.

    Let me know if you want any additions to it.

    Other Screenshot


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