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Thread: Auto Hibernate

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    yes, options to set delay would be great... for instance if you just popped in a shop for a coke or something... a delay setting for anything up to half an hour would do it I think...

    cheers for the app In Newcastle upon Tyne and Tyne & Wear
    PC & Network : Installation, Service, Repair & Support

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    has anyone rewritten this to implement the afore mentioned options?

    1. Option to use Standby or Hibernate

    2. Delay like NickFury mentioned. Wait 5 seconds. If power comes back within 5 seconds, cancel the action. Otherwise Standby or Hibernate.

    3. Execute an app before going into Hibernate. This will be very useful since a lot of us want to disconnect USB devices and reconnect them upon resuming to fix the hibernation woes.

    4. Execute an app upon resuming for reason mentioned in 3.

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    Updated AutoHibernate

    Again, sorry for the delay, I need to remember to check this thread more often. attached is a new release of the the auto hibernate. I have included most features you asked for. The program now reads a settings.ini file (although it is not a true ini file). it will execute one program or batch file, you can set a delay, and choose to power off, sleep, or hibernate. All are in the settings with instructions. Let me know of any problems, as i do not have a machine to test it on right now. I have not included a way to execute a file on resume, as I need to play with this on a laptop to see what kind of message is sent to programs. I will do this once I get my laptop back from my wife


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    I just tested this on Windows Vista and it works also!

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    Hope I'm not off topic, does any one know of an ap. that can resume after power is restored?

    Such as: when I turn my key off it goes to hibernation, or standby, and when I start the car again it comes out of hibernation.

    This would make things a lot easier for me, as everything is in my trunk.
    Thank you all for your time, and killer contributions.

    Sorry if I'm off topic I had surgery yesterday, and am still quite woozy ..

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    Great app

    Great work Gudy, just wanted to say thankyou very much. App works great, very handy tool!

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    Cancelling Hibernate

    I had been thinking about doing this too, Windows power management on an Asus EEE isn't up to much.

    The new version doesn't appear to cancel hibernation if power is restored before the delay has expired.

    Looking at the source for the old one it looks like the issue is thatthe delay is implimented in the interrupt routine for power state change, so the state change of power being re-applied doesn't get registered.
    To make the cancel work the powerloss routine would need to start a timer and the powerrestored routine would cancel the timer.

    Unfortunately I don't know enough C# to code that, might have to resort to VB.

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    Thanks a ton

    Simple Great.
    thanks a ton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ac57846 View Post
    The new version doesn't appear to cancel hibernation if power is restored before the delay has expired.
    Can you please fix this? I think that many of us would be happy if you solved this problem.
    It would be helpful if you for example turned your ignition of while going in to a store and buy
    something really quickly and you returned to your car before the timer went out.
    Then you don't have too boot up again.

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    This could be useful, so far the auto-hibernate works when I unplug my laptop.
    Unfortunately, I can't test it when putting AC back on it. lol
    Running Windows & Linux so...

    When can you post the source code? Would be nice to have a look at it. Don't know if I'll
    use it, but it's helping me with my project planning.

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