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Thread: TextSpeech Pro

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    TextSpeech Pro

    I was just wondering if anybody has/is using this software, it basically gives you the option to have your e-mails (from outlook -not express-) read to you.
    It looked interesting and isn't too expensive (like 30 USD).

    Or does anyone else has a different solution to have their e-mail retrieved/read while in the car?
    I'm just looking for some solution that would work under roadrunner and
    preferably be skinnable as well ...


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    It was discussed in CarPC Hacks (O'Reilly Books), whose author is a member of the forums here.
    I'm looking at implementing something similar for mIRC so I can chat while on the road.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Hmmm, must be one of the final hacks in the book ...
    I'm corrently reading it but I only got to the first few hacks (58 to be precise) of chapter 5 ...
    Better continue reading in that case ...

    Edit : After some browsing in the book I only found a reference to coolspeech, old version (2001)
    only seems to support voices upto sapi 4, and no more update on the development of the
    new version for over a year :-(
    So i come back to my question ... anyone using anything good in this area ?

    Thx anyway.


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