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Thread: Access Control incl Video

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    Ill add the alert after x minutes/tries suggestion.
    notification by cellphone isnt something you should worry about, because existing tools can do this just fine (gnokii for example) if you can just call up a script (vbs, bat, whatever) after said alert

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    About time this was bumped up again.

    Just a bit of info, just opened up the code on this to see what I can add from my list of requests.

    And so far have added the following:

    If RoadRunner is running it will pause the music untill the correct code is entered (looking to do this for centrafuse but haven't got a solution for this yet).
    Input box Font colour is changeable in the skin.ini
    Input Box Background color setting is also changeable in the skini.ini
    Input Box Background can now be transparent.
    Recording can now also be delayed according to time
    Run external program batch/script after predefined failed logins.
    Back/Delete key added.

    Just need to do some testing to make sure I haven't 'broken' anything and then it should be releasd in time for November.

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    I've stopped all experimentation for a while due to ******* up my hardware and loosing my drivers license, but i expect i'll be back in the game in a month or two, with a brand new license and brand new hardware
    i'll be sure to check out the software again then, and perhaps hook up a .vbs with gnokii and a phone, to get some mms-functionality


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