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Thread: Python Symbian60 3rd RemoteControl

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    Python Symbian60 3rd RemoteControl

    (c) 2007 Dorian Scholz
    Released under the GNU General Public Licence

    PyS60RemoteControl allows you to remote control your PC with a Symbian mobile
    phone with PyS60 via Bluetooth.

    It uses plugins written in Python to control and display information about applications.
    Further more it supports other remote control systems (i.e. Girder).

    The following plugins are already avalaible, please contribute if you can:

    - Mouse: mouse move and button control, continous screen capturing with zooming and rotation

    - WinAMP: playback control and status display

    - MediaPlayerClassic: playback control

    - WindowsMediaPlayer: playback control

    i have tried to get it work, but with out success, but it could be very usefull
    that`s why i have post this.

    i think the error has something to do with my phone (nokiaE70) in the pys60rc_com file

    it should work with the nokia N70

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    nice one thanks

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