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Thread: Palm Pre + Mytether = wifi hotspot for carPC

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    Palm Pre + Mytether = wifi hotspot for carPC

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Palm Pre is very capable of feeding 3g to your carPC via USB, WIFI or bluetooth. (I can confirm wifi and USB personally) Get the Free homebrew app Mytether. Read about it and download it on

    I used to use windows mobile to get 3g. I was scared when I upgraded to the Pre because there was no tethering solution. I'm glad this app poped up. It's very useful.

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    thats good news. i dont see why carriers just enable it by default, youre using the data plan the same it really doesnt make sense for them to tell you how to use that data. i wouldnt mind getting something better then my treo800w, yet i cannot part with windows mobile for many reasons.

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