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Thread: ScanXL software error -- Protocol Unknown

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    ScanXL software error -- Protocol Unknown

    Hi there,

    I tried patching into my PCM -- its a 1996 Impala SS lt1 w/ 4l60e. I get the error "Protocol Unknown" -- what could this mean? I have tried two different scan-tools, with the same result. One was USB, one was Serial. What are some troubleshooting solutions I can test out?

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    Can you get us a tech log of this?

    To get a tech log, go to the Help menu > Debug Options, and set Debug Level 9. Then try to connect to your Impala. After the connection fails, go back to Debug Options and select Save Tech Log. Attach the tech log to your next post.

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    debug log

    i will get the debug log tonight, once i'm off work. thanks for the quick response!


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