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Thread: no link in RR!

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    no link in RR!


    i just registered, and installed it.

    It works perfectly in the standalone software. I use a SonyEricson T630 phone. i can see my contact list, and call them.

    But when i load RoadRunner, if i try to call someone, nothing happen, no call, nothing. no battery signal, no band signal, nothing.
    i configured RR to point to PhoneCtrl exe.

    an idea?

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    I'm having the same issue. Did you ever figure out what was going on?

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    What RR skins are you guys using. It could be a skin problem and may have nothing to do with RR Config
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    Is this a fully registered version?

    If not then it won't work unless you start it first, click on the register splash screen to remove it. Then run RR

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