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Thread: XV6700/PPC6700 Questions...

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    XV6700/PPC6700 Questions...

    Has anyone been able to get their HTC Apache fulling working with phoco? after weeks of toying...ive finally got it giving me messages in my inbox but only some of them. Also there is no alert of incoming calls or texts.

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    I have gotten everything to work with my ppc-6700 more or less, aside from the things you mention.

    I do believe I was able to get the incoming call dialog to pop up and pause the music ( I am using centrafuse I should mention) but am not able to get it to work now...

    I have another phone issue though... not sure if you have the same thing, but I continually have to turn on bluetooth, as it somehow disconnects itself from time to time.

    I really do not care too much about the messages, but I would like the incoming call dialog to pop up and pause the music.

    I would also like to see about how to make my phones bluetooth stay on!!!

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