As you may know, it is not easy figuring out how to setup the Motorla MPx220 to work with PhoneControl. I have finally got it to work and was exhausted from trying to piece together everything on the web I could here is a little guide that may help you.

1. Upgrade phone ROM to Asian 3.45
- This should get you started (make sure you have Active Sync installed)
2. Make phone discoverable
- Settings > Bluetooth
3. Setup phone's bluetooth incomming (COM1) and outgoing (COM0) ports
- Settings > Bluetooth > Menu > COM Ports
4. Install your bluetooth software and dongle
- Best used with a version 2.0 dongle w/Widcomm drivers
5. Pair your phone and create a Serial Port/Voice Gateway/Headset
6. Ensure your Active Sync is running
7. Install PhoneControl and run it's setup wizard
8. Scan for your device and select it
9. Let the wizard find your serial port
10. Select Motorla MPX220(US) for phone model
11. Allow the wizard to copy to security unlock the phone and install the drivers (can be tricky - may need to install manually - Look here and make sure to create a shortcut in the startup menu pointing to the adapter file)
12. Enjoy

This info may help you lessen the chances of pulling your hair out trying to get it to work. But please, there is no guarantee that you still won't. Have fun.