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Thread: trying to reduce phoco feedback echoes in conversations

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    trying to reduce phoco feedback echoes in conversations

    Hi all, I was thinking about the solution that people is making to prevent feedback from his speakers to mic:

    Im testing I soft "Audio Zone Trigger", from , selecting listening from "mix audio" line, it can detect live output or silences from speakers line out and, by example, run a file or execute a hotkey.

    My plan is create an Autoit .exe to mute mic for a short time (0,5 secs) and unmute again. Or in reverse if you detects silences, and run it from the soft... or maybe somebody knows how to program all this in a stand alone .exe.

    now Im looking for a Autoit guru for develop this. Any idea??

    Edit: If you select "mix audio" line for listen in this soft, phoco will use this line also in order to take mic input. One step backwards. Maybe using to soundcards (PCI + USB)...

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    I can make this happen...

    Hi, I'm the main programmer for Audio Zone Trigger.
    I'd like you to send me an email with all the details of this project. There is a good chance that I can put a new "cancel feedback" feature directly in Audio Zone Trigger, this would be way cooler and faster than using many software hacked to work togheter.

    Please send me the info via email, I'm not sure if I'll be back on this forum.
    [email protected]

    Have a nice day!

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