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Thread: not quite understanding the phoco program inital ownership

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    the activation will NOT work
    the automatic activation NEVER really worked.

    i always had to email him.. exchange serial numbers or somethin then reactivate. Just dont bother.
    Wonder if Zorro will give us a manual code to activate for those who have purchased?

    Quote Originally Posted by americasfuture2 View Post
    well it sounds *****ered. if i go for something like freefone, will it work with RR? or does it need a skin to work with it? i am using the bmv2 that comes with it. i like that one out of the ones i have seen.
    I believe FreePhone needs a setup skin, as its unsupported in the setup utility road runner uses
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    freefone works just like any other embedded program with roadrunner.

    There is some connectivity between the two but not much.

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    i shall try freefone then

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