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Thread: What else is there ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by malcom2073 View Post
    I keep hearing this, and yet seeing nothing.....
    PM me an email address

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    lolo, low interest in bluetooth. ...
    actually, this is what got me to seek out a car/stereo/pc based solution.

    I give a hoots fart about GPS since I have that through my iPhone and I turned that option down when I was at the store looking at 2 din solutions for handsfree.

    Actually, one thing I'm thinking of trying is the Alpine ex-10 which is a parot based item. It also allows you to stream to your deck from your bluetooth phone ...

    hmm, maybe I should just give up on the pc and just do ex-10 + monitor and jailbreak my phone and save $$$ :-(

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    Great News !!! Ive finally found what i was looking for !

    BlueSoleil cPhoneTool

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    nothing really that cPhone tool that ins't already available with Centrafuse.
    You'll have the same problem as you do with centrafuse, echo and noise issues.

    I've gotten centrafuse to run great on my iphone, but i always have one of two problems.
    If i use a regular microphone i would have no delay issue, but i would have echo. If i use a echo/noise cancelling microphone, i won't have any noise or echo but i have a few second delays. I've heard someone has centrafuse 3.x working perfectly using a directional microphone over on the flux forum, but i don't have centrafuse 3 to try.

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