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Thread: Android 3.5mm jack to Nokia Cark kit

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    Android 3.5mm jack to Nokia Cark kit

    Dear Technical genuises
    I would like to use one of the several Nokia wired in car kits like the CARK 91 etc to connect my galaxy ace to as most bluetooth systems are rubbish and since changing cars and phones i miss the reliability of my nokia wired car kit

    Most android, blackberrys all use a 3.5mm headphone jack for their handsfree kit which operate a mic and speakers.
    Surely my the correct wiring we must be able to connect the handsfree wire from the phone into the nokia cark kit and use the proper mic and speaker or via the car speaker.

    All of the HFU wiring diagram download pages dont work as they are too old

    I am relying on you guys

    Thanks very much


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    dear enforcer
    that is brilliant, but i am not a techie, i have looked at it but cant seem to see easily which wires / pins are the lead from the hfu to the cradle and what they do.
    I think if i can get a 3.5mm jack working then i / we can develop this into a lead which can be sold worldwide
    Any help with this would be appreciated and would attract a percentage if i managed to get this offf the ground
    many thanks
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    Would this help

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