Hi Folks,

as for I'm getting always the same questions, you should read this first before you start writing your questions.

PhoneControl.NET is based on the capability of almost each mobile phone to be controled via a serial port communication. This behaviour is a part of the GSM specification for mobile phones.
Upon this fact PhoCo should be working with every mobile phone that meets the specification.
Sometimes, mobile phone manufacturer don't implement the full specification (for what reason so ever). In some cases, this feature is missing at all. This is the case for almost all CDMA phones.

To figure out, whether your mobile phone is working or not, you have two options:
1. Install PhoCo and run it... if it's working .. great! Tell me your brand and I'll put it onto the compatible list.
2. Read the documentation (chapter 10) and go through the described steps with HyperTerminal. If you get the manufacturers info, great... try step 1.

If your phone is not working at all, don't beg me to make working. There is nothing that I can do about. I'm not dealing with the manufacturers of mobile phones. I'm not writing the firmware.

A special behaviour is on all Symbian OS phones (Series 60/70). Usually, if you make a connection over Bluetooth you would use the SPP (Serial Port Profile). This profile on Symbian OS phones mostly is captured by a tool called mRouter. So you can't use that profile but another one that's called Dial-Up Gateway Profile.
However, the impementation of the GSM Spec. on this phones is very buggy. So some of the features described in the documentation won't work at all. This is not PhoCo's fault, it's the phone.

Another thing is using the CarPC as a Headset. This feature is not a part of PhoCo it's a part of the Bluetooth-Stack (i.e. Widcomm) you use (in fact, you don't need PhoCo for that).
PhoCo can switch the Headset on and off on demand. Unfortunatelly, some phones can't have two concurrent connections (PhoCo and Headset). There are some solutions available and you'll find them in this forum.

Now, if the search and the text above doesn't answer your questions, go and place it into the forum but please, be as accurate as you can.
There are groups for the different phone manufacturer. Please use this groups!


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