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Thread: Nokia Phones

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    Nokia Loudspeaker

    Quote Originally Posted by zorro
    Didn't find much about...
    I guess, this feature was invented later on so they didn't put it in the documentation.

    Anyway, we can try something.
    Please download the latest binaries then add the following into you config files Communication section:

    Whether it works or not, please send me the logfile after you tried it.

    BTW: I've changed the behaviour of playing the SMS tone. It now will restart your media player when the SMS tone stops playing. Be careful with that. A very long SMS tone will block PhoCo while it's playing.

    bringing up an old 'problem', i have a 6610 and i'd like to use its loudspeaker function as handsfree while in car, this should be quite simple to do i'd think and from looking at the way the config file works adding another command after the accept call command should be do-able

    this is what the phone looks like normally, when it rings menu becomes accept and contacts becomes silence, once answered (after sending the ACCEPT command) contacts / silence becomes loudspeaker (what we want) and accept / menu becomes options.

    what we really need to do is accept the call, wait 500ms and then send the command simulating the right hand side enter button press.


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    Would be easy if Nokia's would have implemented the "Mobile Equipment Reporting" what they don't. So the answer is: No way.
    Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!

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