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Thread: Problem I was able to fix

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    Problem I was able to fix

    I'm resetting up all my software from scratch and I had a problem with getting PhoneControl to work, but got it working. I wanted to share since I searched on here but could not find an answer. So hopefully someone can learn from my mistakes.

    Anyways at first whenever I tried to get the program to run, it would not start. Just kept getting different error codes. And the Debugger would not work. So I tried numerous things to make sure I had everything right. Updated .NET, made sure VB 6 is installed, etc. I was then looking at the .Net Configuration files and I added PhoneControl to the list. That was when I clicked on dependencies and realized that one of them was directsound.

    So I got my USB Sound Card, pluged it up, installed the drivers, and it finally worked!

    Now I'm just hoping that this problem wasn't in the all this time I wasted and it could possibly be in it. Oh well where is the fun in that!
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    Thank you a ton for this report. I guess this will help many others.
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