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Thread: Symbian Phones

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    Unhappy Symbian Phones


    i got a symbian phone, a nokia 6600
    and i cant really get it to work, when i create a serial connection to the computer and start phone control, there goes ~30secs and then it comes with an error that it could not connect and if im sure the port isnt in use and then closes down

    i dont have pcsuite or anything else installed so i guess that cant be using the port

    or is it just it dosnt support symbian phones yet?

    hope someone can help me on this one, really want to try this app

    Grats from Denmark
    Martin Terp Jensen

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    Symbian Phone

    Hi Terpz,
    I had the same problem AND after searching I found a post regarding symbian phone and found out that you have to create a Dial-up connection instead of a Serial just start the TPhone application from the comman line with the option -init and after choosing the nokia manufacturer assign the Dial-up port and choose your language preference and it's done.

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