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Thread: Motorola i730 (connection issues)

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    Motorola i730 (connection issues)

    I have a Motorola i730, which i am trying to use with PhoneControl. However, every time I try to open PhoneControl it can't make a connection to the phone.

    Next I use HyperTerminal to try to test the connectivity. Still doesn’t seem to work.

    If i type "ATZ" in HyperTerminal is comes back with "OK", but if i type "at+gmi" it comes back with "Error".

    The phone is connected with a serial cable. I have not yet tried a USB cable, as I doubt it will work.

    Does this mean that the phone is incompatible? Or am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    This is a CDMA phone and therefore incompatible.
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    Thanks zorro. Guess its time for a new phone.


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