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Thread: Phonecontrol and Motorola v3

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    Yertle, did your Razr tell you bluetooth signal weak when you tried to hang up?
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    well, this post isnt that dead, so i dont feel bad for posting... With my razr v3, i can get it to call, via the call button, hangup, but i will never get sound through my comp. i can also dial via the phone book. i can send text messages, and download my already viewed messages, but cant retrieve new messages. i also get the unknow caller when the phone rings, and i cant accept the call. if i click accept, both buttons go grey, and the phone continues to ring. i can however end the call. like others here, i would like to know that i can get this system fully operational before i lay down cash for this product. if i cant get phoco to properly function, i would like to find a program that simply emulates a bt headset. my phone has voice dialing, so i dont really need an interface too terribly bad, but i like t he idea of phoco. there is so much going into my car pc, and the thought of not having phone intergration after all the time and energy ive spent is really just disheartening.
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    i have the exact same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i keep trying on my friends phone who has a razor v3 and it says the same thing!!!! it is so frustrating!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ettien View Post
    I have read these posts and I am not able to make my v3 work.
    I am running the 1.4.5 version of the PhoneControl. Drivers installed: WIDCOMM 4.
    I open my v3 and make the laptop(in my case) as a handsfree set. But when I ran the Phoco, it keeps in screen "Resseting phone". I tried to add the command False to reset. Ok, it does not show me that screen but I am not able to dial or doing anything.
    Can you please tell me barely what to do in steps?. Thx a lot.

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