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Thread: Voice Gateway

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    Unfortunately, I didn't really do anything special. I added my P900 as a device in the WIDCOMM wizard. Then, I selected audio gateway as a service I wanted to use. Next screen, I said "make a shortcut in my bluetooth places" and "Connect". It connected fine and kept the connection (like for about 5-10 minutes) until I manually disconnected.

    You might want to try updating your firmware on the P900, because I remeber my P800 would never maintain a bluetooth connection beyond a couple seconds until I updated the firmware.
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    man i did tht already 1st i updated my firmware of p900 then updated my bluetooth drivers from 1.4 to 4.1 but still it doesn't work for me....hey i also tried diff phone tht is nokia 6670 of my frined n it connected well (audio gateway) tht was very easy to do n also maintained the connection..don't no where the problem is persisting in my pc or in my p900. Some one also mentioned the settings regarding the voice control n headset settings in the phone menu>edit>preferances i did both of them but i got somthing on my p900 written while connecting then the connection was lost tht message came whe i had recorded a voice command for headset but don't no wehen to use it...dam this.. can some still help me plz caz i don't think the problm is with my pc or bluethooth dongle...well nyways thnx for replin sxt.

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