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Thread: Suggestion (possibly a dumb one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro
    Yes, that true. Receiving/making calls is a part of the Handsfree (not Headset!) profile.

    Again, I'm not dealing with Bluetooth directly, I'm dealing with the virtual COM port. This won't change in the near future for various reasons.
    If you're not happy with that, you have to look out for another application.
    Don't get me wrong, I think PhoCo is a great program :-). It was just a suggestion to maybe improve on an already excellent program.

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    the headset i was refering to is the widcomm headset, not a seperate device. So i'm asking if phonecontrol can disconnect and then call the widcomm headset service to connect to your phone.
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    Let me put it this way: If PhoCo sales do so well, that I can easily effort the BT-SDK, i'll think about it
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