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Thread: PC Hard Reboots when Trying to run PhoneControl Test

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    PC Hard Reboots when Trying to run PhoneControl Test

    I am trying to get my Moto MPX220 to work w/ PhoCo. I've installed my BT adapter and paired it w/ my mpx220. I go into the PhoCo test software and select the comport and click "test"..

    Sometimes I get the error:

    {-- ResString not found --}

    and other times (more frequent) it has just hard rebooted..

    Any ideas?
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    I've had this with my BT dongle and any phone across 2 installs of Windows XP and Widcomm 4 on my laptop.

    Same things (phones, BT and Widcomm) works flawlessly with my CarPC - go figure

    Not too sure why, but for now i'm using a usb cable on my laptop and BT in the car.

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