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Thread: PhoneControl.NET 1.4 Released!

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    what happened? I didnt even get it working yet grrrrrrrr i would have paid for it gladly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke
    although the guy (hunka27) is an ***, i mean seriously whos gonna fly to another country to support CDMA (screw cdma) unless they are making a whole lotta cash that would justify the cost associated. Even if the guy was serious in his request, it shouldnt have been taken seriously.

    I think there is more to it than that post hunka27 who has only had 7 total post on the forum. You dont get ****ed at one newb and shutdown a project you spent a whole lot of time on, esp when you just start to charge for the software to get something back.
    Problem is too many people expect far too much from single individuals. If I was him and that was the kind of thing I was getting on a regular basis I would have done the same thing.

    That said I don't want to get involved personally apart from offering my best wishes to zorro for the future.
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    yeah its a shame.. too many people just expect things for free !

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    Gah. I would have gladly paid for it when I finally got a bluetooth phone. This is a shame, stupid ******* users. Sorry zorro, it looked great, and you obviously put alot of time and effort into the project.
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    Oh my god!
    How stupid is this guy?!
    What the hell does this man await from Zorro? Does he seriously requesting Zorro should fly to the USA, stay there a little time, do a little bit programming, perhaps he could make a little sightseeing tour. Yeah, so he could combine some things to his own advantage. And after the holiday Zorro is going to sell millions of licenses. Man are you dreaming?! Zorro does not sold the first 50 licenses (and that with percentage!). And the program is it 100% worth buying it. I've tried out Phoco over a year ago and he works on it for free till March. Can you count the number of hours Zorro has spending his time on it. But Hunka, don't get me wrong, this is too big for you. That's more than you can count on two hands. And don't forget the time he spens for his support. Here (mp3car), in German forums, on his homepage,... and mostly everywhere people ask the same stupid questions which he has already answered many times before. But he answered again and again friendly and tried to figure out everyones personal problems!
    And what is the benefit?
    People crying Zorro wants to get a fraction of his work back. This annyoing me. People, think about how much money you spend for your carpc hardware (Mainboard, Case, Power Supply,...) and than compare it to your investment in the software? Funny! No?!?
    Okay,so after all, I hope after Zorro's first angry about this "Hunkarubbish", he's getting back!
    Nevertheless I will spend the money for Phoco next month when I awake my car from hibernation!


    PS: I hope that Guino's Roadrunner project wouldn't end like this! Nothing more to say!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevieg
    Problem is too many people expect far too much from single individuals. If I was him and that was the kind of thing I was getting on a regular basis I would have done the same thing.

    That said I don't want to get involved personally apart from offering my best wishes to zorro for the future.
    My toughts exactly
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    These cheap egoistic and selfish #@$%$#% need to be banned forever. Get a life !!!

    Zorro, I understand your decision but I hope someday you get over it and decide to come back. Phonecontrol is awsome and I will continue using it. Lucky I got myself a license in time.

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    Sorry to hear about what happened zorro. I was really looking forward to the new Centrafuse integration....

    I respect your decision though, and can only hope you will change your mind later on...

    Thanks for everything!!@

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    I was really looking forward to getting to grips with Zorro's s/w. My BT adapter arrived on Saturday, was gonna ditch my P800 in for a P910i tomorrow and have been busy reading up to make sure I had some idea of what to do with the s/w before buying it. Interesingly enough I came across a recent post on another forum where Zorro said that he hadn't sold the first 50 copies and they were the ones that were discounted. It seemed pretty mean to me as there are loads of existing users. I was all set to to part with a few quid and considered it to be money well spent. It's a shame if it has all gone tits up because people aren't prepared to part with a little bit of dosh. I hope Zorro will be back soon as his expertise is clearly going to be sorely missed.
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    Let's hope this sorry tale doesn't put off any of the other clever buggers out there who keep coming up with all this amazing software, and also that it might tempt a few more people to follow those 'donate' threads....

    Good luck Zorro

    ....Yes, I know it has a stupid name, those crazy Japanese!

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