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Thread: Anyone using phoco with a frontend and 800x480???

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    Anyone using phoco with a frontend and 800x480???


    Can someone comment on how they are using phoco with some frontend? Preferrably RR?

    I tried CF but it has te call hangup bug, which makes it useless and it is just tooooooo sluggish for me, so I'm trying to see about a way of using PhoCo embedded until we can get it working integrated.

    Does anyone have a fully working 800x480 skin? it is a pain to scale the skins with the designer whenever i try to scroll through the control list to check each component of the ckin it nudges the component up so it screws it all up!

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    Why don't you use the scale button?

    Terran (ccsnet) has made one from bravellir's Brushed Metal. It's in my forum for download.
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