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Thread: Do I name the dongle or the computer?

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    Do I name the dongle or the computer?

    Slightly OT but, I have an MSI BToes dongle and I want to use it in my carpc for Phoco, and since I have a Nokia and want to sync it with my desktop WAB, I just want to move the same dongle to my desktop computer for the sync. Question is: when I set up bluetooth on the two computers it asks me for a "unique name for this computer" so that bluetooth devices can connect to it. Is the name applicable to the computer or is it actually naming the dongle? In other words, should I use the same name on both computers and my phone would refer to just one BT connection?
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    The phone references devices through it's BDA (Bluetooth Device Address) but when it stores it, it may overwrite entries with the same name. So it's better to use different names.
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