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Thread: Purchase PhoneControl?

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    Purchase PhoneControl?

    Sorry to see that you are closing down this project Zorro. This site offers too much free software, so when someone finally asks for payment they freak out. I cant wait to see what they do when some of the popular front ends start charging. Do you think you could keep the payment link up for those of us who are already using phonecontrol? I'd like to purchase v1.4. I've now got it working and would really like to continue use of it. Thanks!

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    Zorro, even if you dont develop it further it is really a shame to shut down the project because some lousy assholes cannot understand the concept of compensation...

    If you really dont want to do it, can you please allow someone to host the last version of the free phoco, and the last version you released for the people you gave registration/bought the program?

    I am really sad to see this great software go, as I imagine that it would grow a lot now especially if you were to develop a slimmer version that would serve as the engine for phone communication in several frontends (like Centrafuse, Road Runner, and MMC)... This extension engine could be charged lets say 10eu (because it isnt the full version) and be used as an addon to those frontends...

    I really dont know why you have decided to stop work on it, or if someone else will be continueing work on it (sold to a company or such), but I sure hope this project doesnt die. Your knowledge about the different phones and how they work never ceases to amaze me!

    Please dont kill it off without due thought

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    Gutted its gone, was about to integrate into my install as purchase the new version.

    Phoco is an amazing piece of software - the only one about.

    I'd be willing to host Phoco if Zorro is willing to allow me.

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    Unhappy Open letter to Zorro

    I quite agree.

    Allowing the views of one individual to undermine a project so closely followed and appreciated and those on this forum seems to be senseless - not to mention those who have already paid for this product to feel somewhat cheated out of future updates and support.

    I personally know of 3 people in the UK who were intending to download your paid version in preparation for a carpc meet this weekend!

    Zorro, take a breath, step back and look at the bigger picture. There are many of us on MP3Car and other forums who count ourselves as big fans of PhoneControl and without your continued development and tireless support we would feel a huge loss.

    Please reconsider.


    A calm approach in a troubled world...

    CONSOLE_RR Project in progress...
    DC UK Forum

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    Phoco is a great piece of software. Hopefully Zorro will reconsider.

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    While i havn't even gotten my car-pc up and running again...
    I did pick up a new BT phone.. and have already registered the software...
    I am not by any means a programer, however i completely understand the fact of someone investing time in a product.
    A product such as this is not something that is complete in an hour or a day... it takes time.. and a person should be compensated for such.
    That is why I purchased my registration key, even before i installed the software... because the programmer deserves to be compensated..

    I'm not someone that just blows $$ on every piece of software i use... but for something unique like this, and with a programmer that looked to be willing to support his product it seems worth it..
    And as soon as CF goes into it's pro-release I will be purchasing that as well...
    Purely because it's a good product and the programmer deserves compensation for his time.... now i don't care if he takes whatever compensation and blows it on Fraulines and beer.. or perhaps investing a little more in the product to make it more stable...

    ok enough ranting...
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    Zorro we need your input. What happend? Where did you go? Why are you shutting it down? I hate to see this project go. I bought a sony ericsson T637 soley because of PhoneControl. I didn't have a bluetooth adapter so I ordered it Friday and it came in the mail today. I was going ot purchase 1.4 and BOOM it's gone. AHHH. Come back. Take my money PLEASE!


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    Quote Originally Posted by z0rz
    Zorro we need your input. What happend? Where did you go? Why are you shutting it down? I hate to see this project go. I bought a sony ericsson T637 soley because of PhoneControl. I didn't have a bluetooth adapter so I ordered it Friday and it came in the mail today. I was going ot purchase 1.4 and BOOM it's gone. AHHH. Come back. Take my money PLEASE!

    I'm in almost the same boat - I bought a T637 because it was 100% compatible with PhoneControl, but I purchased it the day before it was discontinued. I have no problem paying people for software and think this was well worth it. However, part of the worth comes from continued support, which is now gone.

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    Discontinuing the software indefinitely without offering downloads or the source is pretty weak.

    Sounds like somebody wanted to take their ball and go home.

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    To be honest I really understand Zorro. He has done a lot for this community, bringing the carpc industry to another level. Just think about it, this man has spent a lot of his time, money and energy to develop this product, to maintain the forum and the site. Not to mention making the time to help us out whenever it was necesarry. I don't think there is a single thread in his forum that he hasn't answered, and in most cases really quickly. So what does he get from all this in the end: nothing, because its free. I'm sad too see that some people don't show the well earned respect that he deserves. This revolutionary software (because there's no other like it), shoud've been a product from the beggining.

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