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Thread: Future of PhoneControl.NET

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustyboxx
    Just a quick posting to say that I now have a registered copy of Phoco working with my new SE K700i and it is the dog's bollox.

    Huge thanks to Zorro for helping me out with a few things today. That man is a star. Also to chilli_pepper for his Widdcomm 4 guide which is spot on.

    Anyway, buying the sw clearly brings more benefits than just an interface for your mobile. Worth every penny in my view. Go get it!

    Keep up the good work Z.
    Rusty... heres a question.. can you connect via PCon and use the dial up via BT at the same time ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ccsnet
    Rusty... heres a question.. can you connect via PCon and use the dial up via BT at the same time ?
    Hi Terran, I very nearly PM'd you testerday when I was trying to get PC sorted. How's things? Good to meet you at Billing.

    Right, I just tried connecting to PC while already connected to dial-up via BT. That didn't work, PC was forever trying to establish a connection.

    I then tried to get dial-up while PC was running but got an error message saying couldn't connect to DU.

    So I guess the answer is no. Can you get both at the same time?
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    Hey Zorro, good to see things back.

    While I've been assembling hardware, planning how to fit it all together, and goign other jobs on the car, I've been out of the loop software wise.

    Decent software paid for sounds good to me, and after all the hours you've invested, your time is worth money too, and you need to make some of it back.

    If people don't want to pay, don't want later added features, and have a phone that works with the features of the old versions. Fine for them, they get it free, but trapped in the stone age.

    For now, I'll keep playing with the old one, until the hardware is ready to install, then I'll update everything, pay for the new version, and give something back.

    Good man.
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    Thank you.
    Skinning to go... VisualDesigner2!

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    Just a quick post to say that i love the software too and have actually just bought a more compatible phone based on your list and a few tests of peoples phones that i've borrowed

    Great piece of software, once ive finished setting things up on the 30 day trial i'll def be buying the full version also!

    Im Only just beginning to explore this forum in full and have to say im very impressed with the work people do especially with all the criticism that people receive!!

    Keep up the good work
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    Keep producing the excellent software.

    The latest release has even been covered here:
    Latest Software


    Dashboard Monkey - CarPC News, reviews, installs and more

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    Your Back!!!! Man have i missed you!!

    Im just itching to make up the new Keymaps for CentraFuse when Veetid does the PhoCo Plugin!

    Got a new phone so it needs configuring - k750i.

    Hope it works!
    Keep smiling Zorran - and with support behind you like you have here you should soon have you liscences flying off the (virtual) shelves!!


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