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Thread: PhoCo is resetting my computer

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    I’m also getting the exact same thing with Phone Control starting and providing me with the BSOD on my carpc when I use Widcomm 4. I been working on this for days and its driving me crazy. I also tried Widcomm 4 and the exact same BT dongle, which is on my carpc on my laptop and everything, works fine. Only thing different is hardware so now I’m going to be going over my hardware piece by piece to see if that’s what the problem is.

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    whats the cpu in the one thats restarting?? is is a duel core unit?

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    Mine does the restarting and I am using a dual-core pentium. I'm also using an ATI vid card, if we're thinking that might have something to do with it.
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    i still this its to do with the dual core. cus i know some there usb item cause ities with it too. like some webcams

    ive had it do it to me on a via and on a nvidia/
    the microsft website says its a graphics iuse but i dont think so

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