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Thread: Can i use this Car Kit with my Carputer?

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    Can i use this Car Kit with my Carputer?

    My dad was entitled to a car kit but never got it seeing as he didnít want to ruin the finish on his 7series, plus he already had the pro car kit factory fitted [not his car but the same dash only in brown, not cream, he's gettin a new 7 in 2 weeks and that's gonna be cream, brown is too hard to keep clean ]

    So thereís an Official Nokia car kit with a free phone and fitting waiting in a car shop to be fitted in a car and he asked me if Iíd like it, would there be any way of using it?

    Hereís a pic of it

    And hereís what Nokia say about it

    Nokia Full Car Kit
    Provides handsfree functionality with a connection to an external antenna. Car kit features include car radio mute, charging and ignition sense. Check the availability of the ignition sense feature in your phone's user's guide.

    This kit includes:
    Mobile Holder MBC-15S
    Antenna Coupler AXF-15S
    Mounting Plate MKU-1
    Handsfree Unit HFU-4
    External HF Speaker HFS-12
    Microphone HFM-8
    Power Cable PCU-4
    System Cable SCU-4
    Any use?

    Cheers Lads

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    Hi there
    PhoCo needs a connection to the phone (usually through Bluetooth),so you could use this nokia thing to charge your phone. But in order to use this with Phoco your phone should support bluetooth.


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    Ok, well is there a way to mute the carputer when your on a call with this car-kit, using PhoneCo or not.

    There is a way of muting your stereo with this Car-Kit, my mum has the same one, and when a call comes tru her head unit (a stock standard Seat one) says Phone where the station is displayed and it is muted. The second the call is over the Radio comes back on. It also pauses tapes or CDs and starts them when the call is over

    Can this be done on a PC? Could you wire the sound from this unit to the line in on a PC so when a call comes on an MP3/DVD is paused if its playing, and the call goes tru the SoundSystem?

    Just a thought

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