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Thread: Have some bluetooth trouble with widcomm drivers.

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    Have some bluetooth trouble with widcomm drivers.


    I have bough a motorola v3 and wanted to have bluetooth connection between it and my laptop's 3com pc card. The 3com software was really bad so, I went the IBM Widcomm way and installed with no problems.
    The phone is discovered perfectly, I can send files to it, pair the devices.
    But when I want to dial-up via phone, I get this message:

    Does this ring a bell with someone, I have checked everything and still can't find the solution.
    All the stuff is entered correctly and don't work with my older T610 phone either so it has to be in Bluetooth software.
    I really want to make the BT work properly so I can check out the phonecontrol software, but wonder whether it is the widcomm drivers that are causing this.


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    Hi there

    I dont think i can help you but maybe you should try the latest widcomm from the sticky.


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