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Thread: SprintPCS / Samsung Support

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    You'll get more satisfaction by calling them up, and *****ing everyone out until you reach retention. Then you can start "stickin it" to 'em. I got free nights starting at 7, and free unlimited texts. But those are authorized freebees.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Awesome. You can do the same thing without this step:

    3. Disable the phone's modem NAI by selecting MENU > # > 1 > 0 > 040793 > 9 > off > ok

    on just about all non-EVDO phones. I didn't know there was a hack like this for the A900. The only reason I don't own one myself is because I thought it would cost me $49/mo extra if I wanted to continue to use my Sprint phone in my car like I do with my A700. A900 here I come

    Edit: Sprint Tip: Dial *2 and say "credit for dropped call". That will give you $0.50 off your bill and you can do it 20 times a month. I have no problem doing this every month (and yes, I do drop at least that many calls when in the elevator at work).

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    I'm confused... does the Jabra 2.5mm bluetooth thing work with phonecontrol (not for data, just for sending / recieving audio from the calls to the PC?)

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