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Thread: Samsung E720 reset

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    Samsung E720 reset


    I seem to have gotten myself a corrupt file (or other such bug) in my download videos folder on my Samsung E720. Whenever I open This folder my phone semi-resets itself displaying part of the start up video and loosing connection to the mobile network. I cannot delete this file via bluetooth as its not visible and I am not able to do anything with it on my phone. Any Ideas how to fix it? or a way to do a complete reset of the phones memory?


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    Hi there

    You could try to find an answer here
    The codes listet there are for the D500, but might work for your mobile too.
    Not sure which code you should try. But have a look/search in this forum, maybe someone coan help you.


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    I resetted my mobile, but something made it not work anymore ... Everything seems to function normally but nobody - not even myself - can call me. Do you know what I should do?

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