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Thread: Widcomm thing.....

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    Unhappy Widcomm thing.....

    i 'v tried to install the driver and i read the instruktions 10 times but i dont get it to work. i have a d-link bluetooth.
    in the device manager i see no widcomm software installed on the bluetooth. it just install the window software when i plug in the bluthoot in the USB. and i dont get any white bluetooth icon.
    can someone please help me out to get it to work.
    i would like to brows my mobile and put java games in it.
    when i transfer pictures its hard to send one by one. so i just want the thing to work.
    i would be thankful if someone could help me out with it ... or add me on msn and help me there. [email protected],



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    Hi there
    Would be nice to tell us which OS you are using.
    Does your OS recognized the stick? I just want to exclude that this problem is hardwarebased, or bios not configured to use usb, or that.


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    What happens when you plug the bluetooth dongle into the system? Does it prompt you to install drivers or does it just sit there quietly? If it's the latter then go to device manager and tell us if there are any bluetooth devices listed.

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    You need to check that the bluetooth drivers in Device Manager are widcomm drivers not the MS ones, choose reinstall driver if they are, one should be CSR Radio if I remember correctly.

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