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Thread: NET Framework 1 installation

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    another error

    Now when i open the phone test i get this error, and when i hit okay it list like 8 COM ports.
    Could someone tell what is going on please.
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    HOnda Accord '94

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    i have still got the same thing going on but i have tried to update the.meedioclient.dll.and have downloaded it agin and again and still have the same,
    but i have got the phone working on the bluetooth drivers reciving alls and working fine just carnt get phoco to even start please could some one help.

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    Hi There
    Just to be sure,
    (Maybe you misunderstood my answer or it was not precise enough)
    did you download the Phoco install files again and installed them (or just the dll)?


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    i have tryed both i downloaded the full install again and then i downloaded the meedioclient.dll and tryed it again but still no joy i dont understand it at all i have an older copy of that i have tryed to install and it worked fine, so uninstalled it again took all the files out then tryed the new one it keeps coming up with the same problem.
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    I have a similar problem that appears to be connected to somehow, but all of the files appear to be present except for mscorlib.pdb which is also missing on another machine which can run phoneco !

    Anyway, does anyone have an older version of I can try as I understand that some people are able to run 1.3 who cannot run 1.4.



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