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Thread: Dial 'letters' as phone numbers

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    Dial 'letters' as phone numbers

    I looked for info on this but could not find exactly what is needed: is it possible to dial letters as part of a phone number? On my SE T637, when dialing my voicemail, I enter XXX-XXX-XXXXp**** where p is a 'pause' command and *** is my password. I do a similar sequence for my work voicemail, so that I don't have to manually punch in a password. Is it possible to do this on PhoneControl? I believe text input (multitap) only works for SMS. The phone number, including the 'p', shows up in my phonebook but anything including and after the character is not dialed.
    EDIT: This Striped off # signs and VoiceMail seems to be what I am looking for. Has it been taken care of? Do I need to configure something in a special way?

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    Thoughts, anyone? Zorro? I'd appreciate it...

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    This is a problem for me too. I need to dial extra digits after the main number for my voicemail mailbox number and password, and keys to navigate through messages. I have them stored as rjoek shows with pauses, and on my Mot V551 I push a key to send the next sequence of numbers, but I can't figure out how to do that in PhoCo.

    I tried to just do it manually in PhoCo (manual dial after I was connected) and I could hear the tones from the computer speakers but they weren't being sent over the phone. (It sounded like '0' was the incorrect tone, too, BTW).

    How can you send the next set of digits after a pause, or manually dial them, from within PhoCo?

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    Again: I'm not answering post here anymore. If you have problems, go to my forum and post it there.
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    but u just did answer ??

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