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Thread: Bluetooth on Siemens C65????

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    Bluetooth on Siemens C65????

    Hello, since I would like to include phonecontrol in my carputer setup i took a look at the compatibility list to help me find a good compatible phone.
    Siemens C65 seemed like the perfect choice, great compatibility with phoco and very cheep (70Euro in Portugal). The problem is that in the compatibility table the working conection type for this phone is Bluetooth connection, but guess what Siemens C65 doesn´t have bluetooth!
    My question is what are the Siemens c65 phoco compatible features, and what is the connection method?
    Thanks, and sorry about any spelling mistakes, I´m Portuguese...

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    HI i had a siemens c60 which i guess is much the same. Anyway i used a usb serial connection and it worked great in phone co. Was looking at using it direct with road runner but there are still a few issues with it reading phonebooks in RR.
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    Jupp, my Dad has the C65. Nice phone besides the lack of BT. Anyways I tried and tested it with an USB cable and works nice with PhoCo besides the standard issues with X65 series phones from Siemens and PhoCo. But that is Siemens' fault and not zorro's Just to make that clear
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