I am testing PhoCo and I really want it to work. I have a Nokia 6230b w/3.4.3 firmware, a Zonet USB BT dongle, and patched Widcomm 4.x drivers. After selecting 6230i in the setup wizard, I can make a call and the audio and mic work great. When I hang up it seems normal and I can type in the OSK keypad, but the dial button (and most other buttons) don't work for a long time. During this time, the CPU goes to 100% w/Phoco being the culprit.

Any idea how to resolve this? It appears that it is an issue with it dropping the headset connection after the first call and then not re-initing it properly (even though it is set to OnCall). I have tried editing the XML file, and when I changed UseReset (I think it was false to true?) the phone could continue to dial properly - BUT I just got garbage out of the speakers and it would kill the carrier connection (so it would essentially just dial and hang up the phone, nothing else).

If this starts working properly, I want to register the app, but it appears from everything else I've read that when the trial expires, I am finished (no extension possible) and of course it would be asinine for me to purchase an app that isn't working for me, even if they potentially fix it in the future.

Thanks for any help,