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    Does anyone know if the blackberry 7100t works with phonecontrol? I really dont care for the voice gateway feature because it echos too much...But what I really wanted is the phone to connect and when someone calls it will notify me on the screen and turn down the volume if music is playing...Basically I want to be able to view the contacts on the PC...

    Does anyone have other suggestions on phones which are around 200 dollars...I tried the sony t610 and that thing sucked because it would never get service anywhere...thanks for any advice...
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    My guess is that the echoing has to do with your microphone/microphone placement.

    I'm unaware about blackberry support though, sorry.... last i heard it wasnt supported, but i dont think it was tested on your particular model....

    you can always try out starting with the SE config options...

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    I know the 7230 doesnt
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    FYI. here is a thread about it.

    but, it still doesn't work yet.
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