Hi friends now i am stuck again and need ur help to transfer the sound to CarPc.

I am using

PhCo.....1.4.4 BT.........
SE ........S 700i DLINK...DBT-120

If i dial from the carPc i can hear & talk normally from the Speaker and mic.

If i recieve a call & accept it via CarPc i have to manually transfer the call ( transfer call to CarPc ;; but this also i have to do on my own..theres is no notification or prompt that tell me for this option ).. and then everything works the way it should..

I am also using these 2 commands but still not able to transfer the call AUTOmatically

<Dial quote="False" terminate="True" afterDial="+CKPD="]"">D</Dial>

<UseBTManager device="S700i" controlHeadset="True" mode="OnCall">True</UseBTManager>

Can u guys pls help me out

Thanx in advance