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Thread: Phoco crashing?

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    Phoco crashing?

    I have a few problems with a licenced copy of phoco.

    Phoco works fine by itself but if i boot it from roadrunner at startup (using rr.exe as the windows shell) I get a strange problem. Phoco seems to load and the bluetooth connection on my SonyEricsson V800 is active but the serial port connection on my carputer is not connected and as for as roadrunner is conserned there is no bluetooth connection (none of the batery or signal meters work and incomming calls are not displayed on the screen).

    If I try and shut down the carputer at this point a get the attached error message.

    Strangly, if I exit roadrunner and reload it using the task manager all works fine. The problem just seems to be at boot.

    I have attached two phoco logs one when it fails at startup boot and the other when it works at roadrunner restart.

    I don't think this is a roadrunner problem and tbh I don't think it is a phoco problem it sounds like phoco is loading before all the bluetooth software has finished load, however I thought someone maybe able to clarify this looking over the phoco logs.

    As ever your help and advice is greatly apriciated.

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